Born in Israel; admitted to practice law in Israel (2003).

Adv. Amit Zaarur is a senior lawyer in the Securities and Capital Markets division of the office. Amit has vast legal experience in the area of securities law and capital markets representing both private and public companies and Private Equity investment funds. Amit was a legal counsel in Menora Mivtachim Pensions & Gemel and Bank Leumie’s secretary of the board of directors.

Amit represents and advises public and private corporations, investment funds, investment management firms, mutual funds, provident funds, directors, officers and individuals in the areas of corporations, securities and financing. This also included representation before the Israeli authorities and various regulators such as the Securities Authority and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd.

Amit has vast experience in accompanying private, institutional and public corporations in raising capital and debt from the public (both in the primary market and in the secondary market). Amit represented a wide range of clients in complex raising capital procedures including, amongst, Ace Auto Depot (IPO), Vaxil Bio, Malibu Investments, Ahuzat Bayit (IPO), Prashkovsky and more.

Amit has extensive experience in representing private and public companies, securities transactions, tender offers, merger and acquisition agreements and ongoing transactions.

Amit has been involved in a number of precedent-setting proceedings over the years including, for the first time in the Israeli capital market, the merger of an Israeli public biotechnology company with a company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.