Adv. Arnon Mainfeld heads the firm’s Capital Markets & Securities Department. Arnon has extensive knowledge and expertise in corporate law, capital markets, securities, mergers and acquisitions and commercial law, which he accumulated as a partner in leading Israeli law firms. In this capacity he serves d as a legal advisor to public and private corporations, governmental companies, investment houses, Investment funds, investment management companies, mutual funds, stock exchanges’ members, underwriters, provident and pension funds, directors and officers. Arnon has vast experience in representing private and public companies in local and international investment transactions, mergers and acquisitions (with an emphasis on public companies’ transactions), tender offers and complex multinational joint venture.

Arnon also specializes in providing ongoing legal advice and guidance to Israeli public reporting corporations and counsels them with respect to related-party transactions, the implementation of corporate governance policies, the adoption of compliance plans, compensation policies & incentive and options plans. Arnon often represents clients before the Israeli regulators such as the Israeli Securities Authority, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd. and the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Authority, as well as negotiates on behalf of clients with institutional investors. In addition, Arnon’s practice encompasses the representation of institutional, public and private corporations in equity and debt financing (both in the primary market and in the secondary market), in transactions totaling billions of NIS.

Over the years, Arnon has participated in many preliminary proceedings and unprecedented transactions in the Israeli capital market, such as for the purchase of mutual funds and provident funds in Israel’s capital market by financial institutions and investment houses in Israel.

In recent years, Arnon has advised clients in major proxy fights in the Israeli capital market, such as the acquisition of control in the IDB concern, as part of IDB’s debt settlement proceedings. As part of the completion of said debt settlement, Arnon successfully led the complex regulatory approvals obtainment process, which comprised of numerous regulatory agencies in Israel and Europe.

Prior to joining the firm, Arnon served as a partner at a leading law firm in Israel and as a Vice President and Head of the legal department at Elul Group, a multinational public holding company (with more than 500 employees) that operates in the areas of marketing, sales and outsourcing of services to projects and technological systems in the fields of security, aviation, life sciences, energy, electro-optics and reciprocal procurement in the public sector. In such position, Arnon was a member of the Group’s management and a partner in a team which initiated and led strategic and business processes, including preparing business plans, examining business opportunities, establishing international operations in Singapore and India, turning the company from public to private and managing transactions, tenders and various other projects. At the same time, Arnon managed the legal department dealing with corporate and securities issues and advised all branches of management within the group.

In light of his professional abilities, creative thinking and varied and long-standing experience, the Legal 500 International Ranking Guide wrote that Arnon “demonstrates flexible and creative thinking”.