Einat Wiener-Timsit


Born in Tel Aviv, Israel; admitted to the Israeli bar, 2006.

Einat specializes in civil, commercial litigation, class actions, derivative actions, consumer protection disputes, anti-trust and general legal advice in corporate law.

As part of her specialization in commercial litigation, Einat has expertise in managing commercial disputes before all courts in Israel, as well as arbitrations and mediations.

Einat has vast experience in class actions, in which she has accumulated a unique expertise in the field of consumer protection. In this regard, Einat has represent some of the largest companies in Israel on a wide variety of class actions, some of which in: special sales, product returning, consumer misleading, attribution of therapeutic qualities, accessibility, Spam distribution, placing drinking dispenseries in the public space etc. Alongside her litigation work, Einat provides on-going legal support to the firm’s clients in a wide scope of consumer aspects, including preparing internal compliance and enforcement policies, gauging companies’ conduct in light of legislation, case law and applicable administrative guidelines.

Einat also represents the firm’s clients before consumer associations and the consumer protection authority in administrative proceedings, including applying for administrative writs and orders, financial sanctions, administrative warnings etc.

Einat’s clients include companies from the wide spectrum of fields in the Israel market, ranging from retailers, to pharmaceutical companies, imports, electricity, gasoline and more.