Eliad Sholomovich

Born in Hadera & admitted to the Israeli bar, 2013.

Practice Areas: Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Data Protection and Privacy Legal Issues, Tenders and Administrative Law, Higher Education Law including continuous legal consulting and Shipping Transactions.

Eliad specializes in providing legal advice to institutions of higher learning and private companies, primarily in commercial and corporate matters. Additionally, Eliad has vast experience in advising the Firm’s customers regarding regulatory framework’s applicability, with extra specialty in data protection regulation,  to their business and in their transactions with clients, service providers and customers abroad.

In his work regarding regulatory issues Eliad reviews the ethical and legal implications of regulations in applications for during, miscellaneous commercial agreements and research agreements, and analyzes customer’s business models and activities to verify the manners in which foreign regulations may apply. Additionally, Eliad has in-depth knowledge of the European General Data Protection Regulations (the GDPR) and assists the Firm’s clients’ in review the implications of the GDPR on their activity on a practical level, including advising them on how to negotiate vis-à-vis European Companies, EU bodies and European Funds and how to amend existing agreements and their online documentation (i.e. privacy policy) as a result of GDPR applicability.

In the field of Shipping, Eliad advises the company’s firm on various transactions regarding their activity abroad and provides routine assistance to their secretariat.

During his studies Eliad served as a member of the editorial board of “Mishpat Veasakim”, the Interdisciplinary Center Hertzliyaa’s Law Review.