Born Jerusalem, Israel; admitted, 2001, Israel. Gavriel (Gabi) is married with three children.

Gabi has been with the firm for more than ten years, and his practice focuses on three main fields: Maritime Law, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property.

In the field of Maritime Law, Gabi has vast experience in cargo claims, marine insurance, collision and pilotage claims, enforcement of maritime liens, and representation of ship owners, ship agents, vessels’ interests, forwarders and P&I clubs in various matters related to maritime, shipping and transportation law.

In the field of Civil and Commercial Litigation, Gabi represents companies in a range of disputes with contracting parties, contractors and subcontractors, customers, debtors, creditors, banks, asset holders, shareholders, and officers of corporations and has vast experience in handling complicated disputes, appearances in court and at other instances and legal tribunals.

In the field of Intellectual Property, Gabi deals with trademarks and designs registration and with legal proceedings related to copyright infringement, appropriation of commercial secrets, goodwill, trademarks, brand names, designs, protection of concepts and defamation.

Gabi has extensive experience in managing disputes, both before and during legal proceedings, serving as a mediator in various and complex legal disputes.