Hadar Tal

Managing Partner

Born Haifa, Israel; admitted to practice law in Israel, 1999. Hadar is married with two children.

Hadar leads the Real Estate and Planning and Construction Departments in the firm.

Hadar’s expertise covers extensive legal services in the real estate area, with an emphasis on property law and real estate transactions, construction and infrastructure, planning and construction, real estate taxation, Israel Lands Administration law, project financing and complex transactions. Hadar’s clients include real estate companies, contractors, construction companies and public and private entrepreneurial companies, to whom legal advice is provided on various issues.

Hadar specifically specializes in construction and infrastructure, and accompanies the largest residential construction transactions in Israel. In addition, Hadar has experience and extensive knowledge in resolving conflicts in the construction and infrastructure areas.

Hadar is also experienced and knowledgeable in representing development entrepreneurs and construction companies, and accompanies construction projects and complex real estate transactions in all stages from inception, contracting of the transaction prior to planning and development, planning process, construction and marketing until completion of registration, including any conduct required with the various planning authorities.

Hadar has specific expertise in complex real estate taxation issues.

An additional expertise of Hadar’s is in Israel Lands Administration law, including management of conflicts and disputes with the Israel Lands Administration and the Commissioner of Governmental and Abandoned Property.

Additionally, Hadar has vast experience in complex planning and construction issues, including lands zoning, preparation and approval of detailed plans for residential neighborhoods and evacuation and construction projects, including overall interaction with various planning authorities, and representation in various planning processes.

Real Estate Taxation

Complex tax planning, ongoing legal advice in projects, representation in proceedings against real estate taxation authorities, including the tax authorities, in appeals committees and in court, preparation of legal opinions, pre-ruling, and representation in municipality proceedings.

Planning and Construction

Accompaniment of land rezoning proceedings, handling various complex planning procedures, consolidation and division proceedings, preparing of legal opinions, representation in certification programs, including in planning committees and in court, representation in proceedings pertaining to objections to permits and programs of local committees, representation in appeals committees and in proceedings pertaining to expropriation and claims under Section 197 of the Planning and Construction Law.

Construction and Infrastructure

Accompaniment of construction transactions, preparation of construction agreements, BOT agreements, ongoing accompaniment of construction contractors in all legal aspects of operations, including agreements, statutory and taxation aspects, etc., representation before institutions and tribunals related to the construction industry, including the Registrar of Contractors, accompaniment of contractors and orderers in complex disputes related to the construction industry in court and in arbitration.

Real Estate Transactions

Purchase and sale transactions, combination transactions, sale of profit-yielding assets, option transactions and option negotiability, lease transactions, joint ventures and transactions in Judea and Samaria.

Israel Lands Administration Law

Accompaniment of various types of transactions performed with the Israel Lands Administration, representation in administrative and legal proceedings before the Israel Lands Administration, the Commissioner of Governmental and Abandoned Property and the courts, representation of entrepreneurs and cooperatives in transactions in accordance with the resolutions of the Israel Lands Administration Council 949 and 959.

Residential Construction Projects

Handling a number of residential construction projects to the extent of thousands of housing units throughout Israel, including in Carmiel, Haifa, Kfar Tavor, Hadera, Hod Hasharon, Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Petach Tikva, Hod Hasharon, Ness Ziona, Eilat, and projects located in Judea and Samaria.

Profit-Yielding Projects

Accompaniment of commercial and office-space projects to the extent of thousands of square meters, including ongoing accompaniment of science parks, representation of owners of shopping malls and commercial centers. Representation of lease agreements integrated with construction, handling profit-yielding property transactions amounting to billions of New Israeli Shekels.

Purchase Groups

Accompaniment of dozens of purchase groups in Haifa and in Northern Israel.

Evacuation and Construction, National Outline Plan (NOP) 38

Accompaniment of evacuation and construction projects and NOP 38 projects of entrepreneurs and tenants in Haifa (several projects), Ramat Gan, and Yehud. Within this framework, the transaction is accompanied from its inception through the contracting of agreements between entrepreneurs and tenants before the planning procedures, obtaining statutory approvals, including the compound approval, improvement tax exemption approval, etc.

Real Estate Financing

Representation of financers in real estate mezzanine agreements, representation of contractors and entrepreneurs in bank and private agreements.

Local Authorities

Representation of local authorities regarding real estate taxation and planning procedures.