Maoz is a partner in the litigation, infrastructure and higher education departments of our firm. Maoz is involved in civil, commercial and administrative litigation and has extensive experience in representing the firm’s clients in these areas before all of the courts in Israel, including the Supreme Court, as well as arbitration proceedings in large-scale disputes

Maoz has unique and extensive experience in representing clients in proceedings relating to disputes in large real estate projects, where he frequently represents entrepreneurs and contractors.

Maoz specializes in the field of infrastructure and regularly advises government companies involved in this field, while accompanying the projects – including one of the largest of its kind undertaken in Israel, from the beginning to the completion thereof, including litigation in the field of infrastructure.

Maoz also advises leading academic institutions in Israel and represents them in various litigation proceedings.

Maoz’s specialty is in the field of libel law, which includes, inter alia, representation of parties with a high media profile in disputes.

During his studies, Maoz served as a teaching assistant in corporate law, as a research assistant in the field of competition law (Prof. Michal S. Gal) and as a member of the Dean of Interdisciplinary Law Faculty of the University of Haifa.