The firm’s tax department is one of Israel’s leading and most experienced in the tax field.

The department provides tax planning solutions to the firm’s clients, including creative and groundbreaking solutions for tax savings in all aspects of their operations in Israel and abroad, with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the Israeli tax system as well as tax methods in the United States, Europe and Asia.

The department’s skilled lawyers approach each client and case with a holistic and long-term approach, beginning with the initial tax planning process, and continuing if necessary, to representing the client in court.

The department has achieved significant legal accomplishments in representing its client in the various courts as well as obtaining a series of precedent-setting rulings.

In addition to these achievements, the department has found success in filing objections and appeals on tax issues, before both the Israeli tax authorities and the court system.

Active and Varied Activities in the World of Taxation

The firm advises local and foreign corporations on a wide range of tax related issues.
The firm is involved in the creation and planning of local and cross border transactions, mergers and acquisitions and splitting and selling companies.

The firm aims to maximize tax benefits in every situation by establishing private equity funds, hedge funds and venture capital funds and advises on ongoing investment management.

The firm also represents families with capital and foreign trusts, and advises clients on matters involving manager compensation, option plans and the transfer of workers to and from Israel.

Cooperation and a Relationship Network that Work for the Benefit of the Customer

S. Friedman’s Tax Department operates in full cooperation with the other professional departments in the firm, so that the client is provided with a holistic package, while providing a solution for each individual scenario.

The firm maintains daily contact with the Israeli tax authorities and with professionals abroad, enabling comprehensive and efficient tax planning and consultation.

The department’s attorneys are well-renowned in the tax field, regularly publishing articles in tax journals in Israel and abroad, and are full members of the Tax Committee of the Israel Bar Association and other organizations