We specialize in public procurement procedures and tenders issued by government offices, government companies, local authorities and other public bodies. We have been involved in many of the major construction and infrastructure projects in Israel, including the Haifa and Ashdod ports, the construction of the Tel Aviv Light Railway, the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv train line, the construction of natural gas transmission pipelines, the construction of the Haifa Bus Rapid Transit lines and the construction of many residential, commercial and industrial centers.

We have unrivalled expertise in handling all aspects of the procurement and tender process from the early stages of an administrative act until the complete handling of claims, petitions, administrative claims and filings with the Administrative courts and the Supreme Court. Our team has been involved in some of the most significant cases heard before the Israeli administrative courts.

Years of Experience

We have gained vast experience in preparing and representing private and administrative bodies, local and international, in infrastructure and construction tenders, real estate, management, safety, security, human resources, procurement, technology and more. Our administrative litigation team has tremendous experience in the area of contesting and defending administrative decisions, including appealing decisions of government offices and other authorities in tenders and tender-like proceedings, as well as handling proceedings before the Administrative Courts and the Supreme Court.

Our expertise includes:

  • Advising clients of the tendering procedure.
  • Advising clients of the Industrial Cooperation Authority regulations and procedures.
  • Advising on corporate and joint venture issues relating to tenders.
  • Project and construction agreements, including management, development, operation, maintenance and transportation agreements, including FIDIC based contracts.
  • Concession agreements.
  • Project finance and banking.
  • Handling disputes before the full range of administrative courts and tribunals and providing advice in relation to administrative dispute resolution. For example: Appeal against the disqualification of a winning bid, Appeal regarding the disqualification of a tender due to the proposal of deficit prices, Disqualification of a tender condition due to the formation of a conflict of interest, Grant of a petition and the determination that a tender price proposal cannot constitute a trade secret, Grant of a petition to cancel a tender due to a disqualified procedure selection.