The Antitrust & Competition Law department at S. Friedman & Co. is a field leader in a wide range of topics within the area of antitrust law including lawsuits against monopolies in customer discrimination claims and unfair pricing, representation of parties in merger applications as well as parties to agreements alleging restrictive arrangements.

We litigate on behalf of our clients before the Antitrust Authority, and represent companies in civil court proceedings, including class actions whose grounds are the violation of antitrust laws.

Success Based on Years of Experience

Our professional team has years of experience in antitrust litigation and has represented parties in legal decisions that have become milestones in the development of antitrust laws in Israel, in both criminal and civil areas.
The firm is involved in the areas of antitrust law as well as related administrative proceedings in both Israel and the European Union.

Group Practice Areas:

• Antitrust Law
• Restrictive Arrangements
• Dealings with the Antitrust Authority

Examples of Claims:

• Representation of a company in the Supreme Court on charges pertaining to
a restrictive arrangement between meat marketing companies.
• Merger of several companies in various sections.
• Applications for an exemption from the approval of a restrictive arrangement.
• Handling of corporate monopoly.