Hi-Tech and Venture Capital

The Israeli high-tech industry is renowned for entrepreneurial spirit, bold innovation, and breakthrough technological achievements.  This growth engine continues to be one of the most significant factors in the Israeli economy, and as such requires legal services adapted to the unique challenges this sector presents.

The high-tech department at S. Friedman & Co. is one of the most prominent and most valued in Israel, providing its clients with a breadth of legal services, a fresh, creative and ambitious interdisciplinary approach, together with a depth of understanding of the issues and questions involved combined with unrelenting personal attention and tailored strategies.  The team of exceptional lawyers in the department demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, extensive knowledge of the sector’s unique challenges and proven solutions based on decades of combined practical experience both in Israel and at leading law firms in the United States.

An Impressive Portfolio of Loyal Customers

Among the department’s clients are established technology companies with activity in Israel and abroad (private and public) alongside start-up companies, joint ventures, private and institutional investors, seed and venture capital funds, and more.

Spanning a diverse range of sectors, these companies are engaged in pharma and biotechnology, medical devices, online advertising and retargeting, FinTech, cyber, energy, marine application, travel and leisure and media.

The department has gained unique and unparalleled expertise in the area of intellectual property commercialization, serving for several years as the legal advisors of the intellectual property commercialization company of one of Israel’s leading universities.

Professional and Personal Support from End to End

The high-tech department accompanies technology companies through all stages of their development and growth. We guide our clients on all aspects of their company’s activities, including the drafting of founders’ agreements, employment and consulting agreements, successfully navigating the seed financing round and all subsequent fundraising rounds, advising them on local and international tax planning, formulation of complex commercial agreements, labor law and compensation plans, options for employees and managers, protection of intellectual property assets, negotiating development and manufacturing agreements, joint ventures,  and multifaceted licensing agreements and providing consult on regulatory and corporate matters.

Throughout our clients’ journey, the team assists them in identifying innovative solutions and potential investors and strategic partners to help them achieve their objectives.

Large Transactions and Special Projects

In addition to ongoing counseling, the department also handles large and complex mergers and acquisitions transactions in the high-tech sector.  These transactions require in-depth understanding of the legal, tax and commercial issues at the heart of the transaction, special attention to details, experience in leading transactions of this magnitude, familiarity and appreciation of the cultural differences between the parties and above creativity and poise.

Our experienced legal team makes sure to always stay updated on relevant legal innovations and trends in Israel and abroad, monitoring the developments in the industry, and continuing to deepen its professional understanding in order to meet the highest standards for which we are known among its clients.