A Distinguished Tradition in Litigation

S. Friedman & Co.’s litigation department represents both local and foreign clients, institutions and individuals, in an array of complex commercial, civil, regulatory, and insurance related litigation in all levels of the judiciary system and before all forms of regulatory authorities in Israel.

Our decades of litigation experience enable us to provide our clients with time-tested and sophisticated representation tactics and strategies in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner.

We handle a range of issues including representation of appellants before the Supreme Court, class actions, commercial disputes, labor law, maritime law claims, aviation law, taxation law, real estate claims, planning and construction law, antitrust law claims, tenders claims, tort claims, infrastructure claims and more.
We have represented parties in many cases whose rulings have served as precedents and milestones in the development of jurisprudence in Israel.

International Experience and Cooperation

Along with these activities, we work with correspondents across the globe in intricate, cross-border dispute resolution, including international arbitration (ICC, the London Court of International Arbitration, Maritime Arbitration).

The firm’s partners serve additionally as arbitrators and mediators, and represent our clients in alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as negotiated arrangements and agreements, mediation and arbitration.
A Full Litigation Experience
The litigation department works in constant collaboration with the other departments in the firm, as needed, such as the departments of labor law, taxation, real estate, antitrust and more.

Examples of Precedent Determinations:

• Determination of the law regarding a claim whose cause of action is based on the ruling in accordance with Section 39 of the Arbitration Law.
• Determination that serving a statement of claim abroad is permitted in the event of a claim based on pre-contractual grounds and negotiations of a contract by correspondence.
• Discussion as to whether a foreign arbitration award is enforceable on the Palestinian Authority despite its absence as a formal party to the arbitration proceeding.
• A claim arguing the existence of a pre-emptive right to acquire rights in a shopping mall. The lawsuit was dismissed.
• Mutual opposition to the registration of trademarks, in which fundamental issues in the area of competition between trademarks was discussed.
• Damage and insurance claims against Israeli insurers and foreign reinsurers for damages to equipment in an aircraft that underwent improvements and crashed.
• Insurance: representation of a defense company against Israel insurance companies and foreign insurers (property insurance).
• Maritime transport: representation of shipping companies in the most important precedents in Israel.
• Tort and insurance: representation in various liability claims (third parties, employer).
• Contracts: innovative ruling regarding compensation in case of breach of the duty of good faith.
• Real estate: principle judgment regarding cancelation of a document and waiver of claims.
• International law: legal dispute between a defense company and the Airport Authority in Poland; representation of the litigation process in Austria, representation of a shipping company in an enormous lawsuit in England.
• Finance: change of law regarding debt interest in foreign currency.