Whether you are a public or private company, there are many critical and complex steps in the lifecycle of a corporation. These milestones include mergers, the acquisition or sale of shares, the creation of strategic partnerships and joint ventures, and much more. To complete these transactions successfully and effectively, these issues must be addressed strategically and tactically, especially transactions involving international bodies.

Clients benefit from the full support of the most professional and experienced legal counsel throughout this journey, from handling due diligence to all of the commercial, regulatory and taxation aspects of a transaction, both domestically and internationally.

The outstanding Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) department at S. Friedman & Co. brings this support, and much more to the table. Having advised many companies and partnerships on their transactions for several decades, our wealth of experience and depth of knowledge in Israeli and international law have been put to use in several prominent transactions. These regularly involve companies from China, Japan, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa and South America, spanning a range of sectors, including high-tech, biotechnology, telecommunications, industry, infrastructure, and more.

The department includes lawyers licensed to practice abroad as well as those who have practiced at a number of the largest law firms in the U.S. Throughout the entire transaction, our M&A team are constantly available to apply this personal and in-depth knowledge and experience to the objectives of a diverse roster of clients, including private and public companies – both Israeli and foreign – as well as start-ups, public institutions, government bodies and private clients.

The M&A team works extremely closely with the Tax, Securities and Capital Markets, Antitrust and Competition, Labor and other departments in the firm to ensure its clients receive the highest quality and most well-rounded service, from under a single roof. This extensive package of services includes: due diligence, negotiations and drafting agreements, tax advice, advice to officers, preparation of employee incentive programs, obtaining permits and regulatory approvals, dealing with antitrust issues, supporting public companies preparing prospectuses, and much more.

We constantly strive to find the most comprehensive, tailored and unique solution to the particular transaction of each individual client, integrating our business thinking with a thorough understanding of the law and regulations to justify the trust in our services held by our clients for many years.